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Car Door Bike and Motorcycle Accidents Are More Common Than You Might Think

Have you heard of a “dooring” accident? A dooring accident is said to occur when a bike or motorcycle is hit by a door parked on the side of the road that opens its door directly into its path. Yes, this type of accident is so common that it has its own name. Surprised? Maybe, but this type of accident may not be just more common than you think, it can also be an accident with tragic results. In dooring accidents, riders of bikes and motorcycles can sustain life-altering, and even fatal, injuries. Sometimes, riders can be thrown from their bikes and land into oncoming traffic. If a rider survives such events, they are still likely to sustain serious injuries such as head injuries, traumatic brain injuries, fractures and breaks, as well as significant damage to the spinal cord. Here, we will discuss more details surrounding car door bike and motorcycle accidents.

Car Door Bike and Motorcycle Accidents Are More Common Than You Might Think

Dooring accidents are so common that they have their own name and there are California laws that specifically address this accident type. California law places the burden on vehicle occupants that are parked along the side of the road next to a lane of traffic to exercise due caution before exiting the vehicle. Because of this, the car occupant is usually the liable party for causing dooring accidents.

Far too often, vehicle occupants are in a hurry or are not paying attention prior to exiting their vehicles. They may be distracted by their phones. The weather may be bad and they are in a hurry to quickly exit their vehicles. Furthermore, inclement weather can lower visibility, making it more difficult to see oncoming motorcycle and bike riders. No matter what was the root cause that the driver did not exercise due care prior to exiting his or her vehicle, and that resulted in a dooring accident, the driver or vehicle occupant will likely be found liable for the harm suffered to the bike or motorcycle rider as a result.

While the burden falls to the vehicle occupant to exercise due care, there are still things that bicyclists and motorcyclists can do to help avoid being involved in dooring accidents. For instance, bikes and motorcycles should look to reduce their speeds when traveling near parked vehicles. They should try to maintain the safest possible distance from parked cars and pay specific attention to those vehicles where they can still see vehicle occupants inside. If there is a person or people still in the car, riders should try to be as prepared as possible for the door to the vehicle to suddenly open. It could just save their life. 

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