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How Do I File an Insurance Claim?

Being in a car accident can be scary, it can cause anxiety, and it can also be a substantial inconvenience. Aside from the injuries you may be struggling with, there is also medical appointments to attend, personal injury claims to make, property damage claims to make, and plenty of red tape to deal with. Here, we will go over some of the basics of filing an insurance claim to help ease you into the process.

How Do I File an Insurance Claim?

Dealing with insurance companies is rarely something anyone looks forward to. Much more common is a sense of dread of having to do such a thing. Unfortunately, however, to seek compensation for losses you have sustained in an accident it is very likely that you will have to deal with at least one, maybe more, insurance company. In fact, you will likely want to contact your insurance company from the scene of the accident.

While calling your insurance company from the accident scene may be the last thing you feel like doing, it can be important for ascertaining what is covered. You can report the accident to your insurance company as well as find out what coverage is available to you under your policy. For instance, does your policy cover the cost of a tow truck? How much property damage will be covered? Will your insurance pay for a rental car to drive while your vehicle is being fixed. All of these things can add up and you will want to be clear on what will be covered, and what will not.

Upon reporting the accident to your insurance company, you will be assigned an adjuster tasked with handling your case. While you are contractually obligated to report the accident to your insurance company, and as previously stated, it can be a good idea to contact them to get details of your coverage, particularly for property damage purposes, be cautious in the statements you make to the adjuster. While insurance companies may proclaim being on your side, they are businesses to their core and will go through great lengths to protect their bottom lines. This means that they will likely take any opportunity you present them with to undermine or devalue your claim. When they ask about your injuries or the accident, keep statements short and to the point. Avoid speculation. Evening the most seemingly innocent statements can be misconstrued and held against you later on.

Personal Injury Attorneys

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