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Speeding is a common cause of car accidents in Los Angeles. Anyone who’s lived in Los Angeles understands how congested traffic can be during rush hour. When drivers are running late, they tend to speed up.  Some drivers don’t even notice their speeding, while others purposely engage in reckless driving at dangerously high speeds. Speeding is incredibly dangerous, and the higher the speed, the more likely the driver is to suffer severe injuries in a motor vehicle accident.

If you’ve been in a Los Angeles car accident caused by a speeding driver, you will benefit from representing an experienced personal injury lawyer. At SoCal Injury Lawyers, we believe that negligent drivers should be held accountable. Under California law, drivers who negligently or recklessly drive at excessive speeds are liable for speeding injuries. Our law firm can provide the experienced legal help you deserve. Contact us today to schedule your initial consultation.

Speeding Is a Common Cause of a Los Angeles Car Accident

Many Los Angeles car accidents could have been avoided if the at-fault driver was simply driving slower. We live in a society in which most people feel pressured for time, especially in the Los Angeles area. Drivers assume that speeding isn’t very dangerous and will help them arrive at their destination more quickly. Sadly, many drivers never reach their ultimate destination because their speeding causes a car accident along the way. 

The Dangers of Speeding in Los Angeles

Drivers who speed in Los Angeles put themselves and everyone else on the road at risk of injury. Nonetheless, we’ve all seen Los Angeles drivers traveling at 70, 80, or even 90 miles per hour. At these high speeds, the driver’s reaction time is significantly reduced. It takes a driver substantially longer to entirely stop their vehicle and avoid an accident at excessive speeds. The faster the car is traveling, the lower the driver’s chance of surviving a collision. 

For example, when a motor vehicle is driving 25 miles per hour and collides with another car, the driver and passengers could walk away with minor injuries. When a driver is traveling at 90 miles per hour and is involved in a head-on collision because he or she can’t stop in time, the accident will likely be fatal for some or all of the individuals involved.

Speeding Accidents Involving Pedestrians and Bicyclists

Accidents involving speeding can also injure pedestrians, bicyclists, and children at the bus stop or walk to school. When a driver is using excessive speed, he or she is less likely to see pedestrians and bicyclists in front of them. Many Los Angeles neighborhoods require drivers to travel 20 miles per hour or less in school zones to avoid collisions with children and other pedestrians who are walking to and from school. 

When drivers travel at excessive speed, they are less likely to be able to stop in time to avoid a collision. Indeed, drivers who speed through local neighborhoods or near elementary schools have an increased risk of hitting a pedestrian, causing severe injuries or even death. If you or your loved one suffered an injury caused by a driver who ignored the posted speed limit, we recommend speaking to a lawyer as soon as possible.

Using Excessive Speed Even When Going The Speed Limit

Drivers can use excessive speed even when driving at or below the posted speed limit. California law requires that drivers use reasonable care under the circumstances. The circumstances could require a reasonable driver to drive below the speed limit. For example, when the road is wet or icy, a driver may have a duty to drive below the speed limit to avoid a collision.

Likewise, when a driver cannot see through his or her windshield due to smoke from wildfires or rain, traveling at the speed limit can be particularly dangerous. Traffic conditions can also make it necessary for drivers to drive below the speed limit. Finally, when bicyclists or pedestrians are sharing the road, a reasonable driver may choose to decrease his or her speed to lower the chance of an accident.

Speeding Can Cause Devastating Injuries Or Death

According to the United States Department of Transportation, speeding killed 9,378 people in 2018. According to research conducted over two decades, speeding has been a factor in approximately one-third of all motor vehicle-related fatalities. In 2017, 26% of all traffic fatalities involved speeding as a contributing factor. 

When drivers speed, they open themselves up to a greater potential to lose control of their vehicle, reduce the effectiveness of the car protective equipment, and increase the likelihood of severe injuries caused by accident. Severe car accidents caused by speeding can cause the following severe accidents:

  • Traumatic brain injuries (TBI)
  • Spinal cord injuries (SCI)
  • Internal bleeding
  • Organ injuries
  • Traumatic amputation
  • Lacerations
  • Road rash
  • Severe burns
  • Infections
  • Bone fractures

Recovering Compensation for Injuries After a Fatal Speeding Car Accident 

Successful personal injury plaintiffs are entitled to economic and non-economic damages. Economic damages include costs related to medical expenses, hospital stays, and therapy and compensation for lost wages. Economic damages also include the cost of durable medical equipment and ongoing medical care. Non-economic damages include compensation for the pain and suffering caused by the injuries.

Losing a loved one in a fatal car accident is often financially and emotionally devastating. Many surviving family members struggle to pay for funeral expenses. Certain family members, including the deceased individual’s spouse, domestic partner, and children can bring a wrongful death lawsuit against the at-fault driver. Surviving family members can recover compensation for medical bills, funeral expenses, lost income, and companionship with their deceased loved ones.

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