Man holding his head in pain after being in a car accident.

What Do I Do If I Get in a Car Accident in California?

Being in a car accident is a jarring experience. It can be completely unexpected. The anxiety raised by being involved in a car accident can linger indefinitely. If you should ever find yourself in this situation, being prepared for what to do next can be a big help. Become familiar with some of the things you should do after being involved in a car accident. Hopefully, you will never need to put this information into practice. If you should ever be involved in a car accident, however, this information can help guide you through the tumultuous experience and also help you recover monetary compensation for damages you sustained in the crash.

Steps to Take After a Car Accident

If you have been in a car accident in California, stop your vehicle right away. Stay where you are unless it is safe to move. Should you or anyone else involved in the crash have sustained injuries, call 911 so that an ambulance arrives on the scene. Even if there are no apparent injuries, the police should be at least notified of the accident. This will generate an official accident report which can be used later on should you need to file an insurance claim.

If you are able to, at the scene, get the names, contact information, insurance information, and driver’s license numbers from all drivers involved in the crash. It can also be helpful to get license plate numbers as well as vehicle identification numbers. Gather the names and contact information for any passengers involved or witnesses to the accident. If you have access to a camera, whether it be on your phone or otherwise, document the scene. Take pictures of the accident scene, paying special attention to things such as traffic controls or visual obstacles. Also, be sure to take pictures of vehicle damage.

Above and beyond all else, seek immediate medical attention. This is true even if you feel as though you were not really hurt. Accident injuries can be sneaky. Symptoms of trauma to the head, neck, and other areas of the body may not fully present themselves until later on, sometimes even days after the accident. Seeking immediate medical attention and follow-up on doctor-recommended additional treatment can be critical in most effectively addressing any injuries you have sustained and minimizing the impact they have on your health and everyday life. Immediate medical care and consistent follow up treatment will also play a vital role should you want to later pursue a personal injury claim seeking compensation for the damages you sustained in the accident.

You should also notify your insurance company of the accident as soon as possible. Remember, you are contractually obligated to notify your insurance company and tell them the circumstances surrounding the crash. You are not, however, contractually obligated to talk to any other insurance provider that may try and contact you about the accident.

Personal Injury Attorneys

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