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How Bicyclists Can Stay Safe on the Road

Summer is a great time to hop on your bike and get some fresh air. This fun and active way to get from here to there is enjoyed by many. To keep biking as a fun, recreational activity, let us discuss how bicyclists can stay safe on the road. Far too many cyclists are injured on the roads each year. Reviewing some safety tips can help prevent these accidents.

How Bicyclists Can Stay Safe on the Road

Safety practices should begin well before a bicyclist gets on the road. A rider needs to first make sure he or she is riding with the right size bicycle frame. Without a bicycle made for your height, it can inhibit the ability to most effectively control and handle the bike. Additionally, the bike should be examined for possible hazards. This includes checking for any loose nuts and bolts. Should you come across anything loose, be sure to tighten it up. Check that your tires are properly inflated and that your tire tread is not worn to the point where it would be unsafe to use them. Checking that the brakes are fully operational is also a good idea.

As a bicyclist, both you and your bike should be outfitted with safety features. Use a headlight and a rear light to help you be more visible on the road. Have a bicycle bell so that you can alert pedestrians when you are about to pass them. Also, consider wearing bright colors to increase your visibility. Reflective Velcro strips can also be very helpful. It has been found that reflective Velcro strips are particularly effective when worn on your ankles because the up and down movement of the reflective strips tend to attract more attention.

At this point, after all of the safety campaigns you may have heard about, it should go without saying that all bicyclists should wear a helmet. Not just any helmet will do. Helmets should be the right size and be in compliance with international bicycle helmet safety standards. Once a helmet has been damaged in a crash, it should be replaced.

Before you get out there to ride, map out your route. Research the best path to take which includes trying to avoid busy intersections and congested areas. Wide roads are always preferable to narrow, single lane roads. If you can, avoid riding during rush hour. 

When you are riding your bike, make every effort to be as aware of your surroundings as possible. This means not wearing headphones are messing with your mobile device. Keep both hands on the handlebar. Also, remember that when you are cycling in the roadway, you have all of the same obligations as a car on the road. This means you must observe the laws of traffic. Follow traffic signals. Be a defensive rider and keep your eyes out for potential safety hazards. Use hand signals to alert others on the road of when you are about to stop or turn.

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