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Why You Need to Know About Tractor Trailer “No Zones”

Driving by large tractor trailer trucks on roads and highways is fairly commonplace. As a smaller car or truck, you feel easily dwarfed by the sheer size and magnitude of these vehicles. Due to how large and heavy tractor trailers are, they prove exceedingly dangerous and cause devastating damage and injuries when involved in accidents. This is why it is critical to exercise caution when driving nearby these substantially sized vehicles. To best keep yourself and others on the road with you safe, you should be knowledgeable about the nature of tractor trailers. For instance, tractor trailers have “no zones” that all other vehicles on the road should avoid to stay safe.

Why You Need to Know About Tractor Trailer “No Zones”

The four “no zones” of a tractor trailer are referred to as such because they are areas in which other vehicles should not enter when it can be avoided. The no zones are, essentially, large blind spots that prevent tractor trailer drivers from seeing vehicles located in those areas. Because of this substantial lack of visibility, cars and other vehicles that are traveling in a no-zone are at particular risk of the tractor trailer unknowingly crashing into them.

The four no-zones of a tractor trailer are:

  • The Front
  • The passenger side of the tractor trailer
  • The driver’s side of the tractor trailer
  • The back

Each side poses a unique threat to other drivers on the road. For instance, those driving in range of the front no-zone are at a heightened risk for being rear-ended by this huge vehicle. A substantial amount of space should be given to a tractor trailer in order for it to be able to adequately stop. The immense weight of the tractor trailer means it takes much longer to safely come to a reduced speed or stop. Those driving in front of a tractor trailer need to be aware of this. Furthermore, if you are driving in the front no-zone the truck driver will not be able to see you.

The passenger side of the tractor trailer is the largest of the no-zones. If you are driving in this area of the tractor trailer, then the driver cannot see you and will not know to avoid changing lane while you are there. This is also true of the driver’s side no zone of the tractor trailer. This no-zone is smaller than the passenger side no-zone which means, should you need to pass the tractor trailer, you should do so on the tractor trailer’s driver side. In any event, if you must change lanes to get around a tractor trailer, do so quickly to avoid lingering in a no-zone.

The back of the tractor trailer has another no-zone where the truck driver will be unable to see a vehicle traveling behind it. Should the driver need to break suddenly, vehicles in the no-zone are at risk of more than just rear-ending the large truck. The vehicle may be forced under the tractor trailer itself. The consequence of which can be truly devastating, to say the least.

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