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Common Causes of Bike Accidents and How to Avoid Them

Riding a bike can be a great recreational activity, physical fitness activity, as well as a great means of transportation. There are, however, risks associated with biking. Being smaller than other vehicles means you are much more difficult for motorists to see. Being out in the open and lacking the protections that come with being in a car means that you are exposed to things much more should you be involved in an accident. The risk of accident and the risk of being seriously injured in an accident is ever-present and should be taken seriously. Here, we will look at common causes of bike accidents and how you can do your part to avoid them.

Common Causes of Bike Accidents and How to Avoid Them

National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) data reveals that 30 percent of cyclist injuries are sustained due to being hit by a car. Furthermore, 13 percent of cyclists’ injuries were sustained due to roadways in disrepair and 13 percent due to rider error. Additionally, 7 percent of cyclists’ injuries were caused by crashing into a fixed object. These numbers give some solid indications about safety measures cyclists can take to prevent being included in these statistics.

The fact that such a significant percentage of cyclist injuries are sustained due to rider error or what appears to be inattentiveness on behalf of the bicycle rider means that many injuries are easily avoidable by focusing on the task at hand. Put away your distractions. This will mainly mean your phone. Focus on the ride. Additionally, know your route before you head out. Plan for lower traffic areas when possible. Knowing your path will help you be able to focus more on your surroundings. It will also help you be aware of roadway hazards such as those thoroughfares that may have fallen into disrepair.

Also, avoid riding while intoxicating. Driving under the influence is a bad idea for motorists and it is a bad idea for bike riders as well. It slows reaction time and inhibits your ability to focus. Both of these things put you at serious risk of an accident.

Bike riders should also avoid riding at night as bikes are difficult to see even under the best and brightest conditions. Not only can it be difficult for bike riders to be visible at night, but it can be difficult for bicyclists to see hazards as well. If it is avoidable, try to only set out on your bike in clear weather and during daylight hours.

You can also help stay safe when out on your bike by taking proper safety precautions even before you set out for a ride. This means checking your bike to make sure your tires are properly inflated and your brakes are fully functioning. It also means having the proper safety gear on your bike such as reflective strips. You should also consider wearing clothing that properly covers you. In the event of an accident, protective clothing can prevent things like road rash. You should also wear bright, reflective clothing in order to make yourself more visible to others.

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