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Common Causes of Rollover Accidents

The thought of being involved in a rollover accident is scary, to say the least. A rollover crash is said to occur when a vehicle is forced onto its side or even its roof. Vehicle occupants are often ejected from or trapped in their vehicles in these kinds of devastating crashes. The injuries can be significant and even prove fatal in some cases. There are actually a variety of reasons why rollover accidents happen and we will talk about a couple of the most common causes in more detail here.

Common Causes of Rollover Accidents

Speeding is a common cause of rollover accidents for a number of reasons. First of all, driving at excessive speeds can greatly increase the chance of any kind of accident occurring. It slows a person’s ability to be able to brake when necessary, it can lead to a person losing control over his or her vehicle, and it can prevent giving other drivers enough time to react to the oncoming, speeding vehicle. Beyond increasing the chances of an accident, driving at accelerated speeds also increases the chances of being involved in a very serious crash, such as a rollover crash. The force that comes along with driving at excessive speeds can prove devastating for any other vehicle it comes into contact with. If a driver who is speeding hits another car at a specific point and with enough force, it may force that other vehicle to rollover.

Much like the recklessness of speeding can increase the chances of an accident and a rollover accident, in particular, driving while under the influence of drugs or alcohol is also a common cause of rollover accidents. Those intoxicated drivers are operating a vehicle with impaired judgment and reaction time. The recklessness that intoxicated drivers often pay no mind to when operating their vehicle can all too easily lead to devastating rollover crashes.

Tire defects have also proved to be a significant contributing factor in rollover accidents. Fully functioning tires are critical to being able to safely operate your vehicle. Should a tire blowout or have significant tread deterioration, a driver can easily end up losing control of the vehicle altogether. Losing control can lead to spinning out. When a car spins out and comes into contact with another object such as a curb or railing, it can lead to the vehicle rolling over.

Vehicle defects have also presented themselves as a common factor in rollover accidents. For instance, cars right now are usually made with stabilizing technology that works to prevent rollover accidents from occurring. When this technology fails, however, the vehicle can be more prone to rolling over.

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